The ritual proposed in the music video took inspiration from different sources, and it was performed like a proper spell. The tarot reading, which took place before the actual ritual, is an important part of witchcraft and the one done by the protagonist revealed something related to her personal grief.

Among the cards revealed, the one that had the deepest meaning in the reading was the “Lovers” card. This represents connections and meaningful relationships. This refers to her lost soul-mate which she’s trying to reconnect with. After the reading a real spell was done following this passages.

Sguardo a tarocchi
BTS Cerchio

First thing, a circle needs to be cast. This was delimited throuch a circle made with salt. Inside the circle different white candles were placed, symbol purity and healing. Different white roses were scattered in the area, these petals symbolize a new beginning and everlasting love. Finally, incense and white Sage were used to purify the air, room and objects. 

Different ingredients were put in a bowl. Herbs (rosemary, basil and eucalyptus), civet oil with ambergris extract and blood (this was fake of course)

Indrigients + Blood
Foto e Fiamme

Now it is time to direct all the energize in visualizing the lover coming back. The protagonist, at that point, was writing some sentences on an old photo of her with the ex-lover expressing her infinite love for him and her willingness to bring him back. After this, she burned the photo and placed it in the bowl with the other ingredients. 

To finalize the spell, she spread the ashes of the mixture created in the bowl on her hands. Some of this also on the forehead to symbolize the deep connection with the lover’s memories.  


At the end of this, I would like to add that everything done during the shooting was just a representation done for entertainment. We don’t want to foster anyone to do the same that we’ve done in order to achieve some kind of scope. With that being said, tomorrow is the last day of this journey and we’re going to look into the protagonist’s thoughts and drawings through her personal Book Of Shadows.