It’s now time to dive into the lyrics of the song. I wrote them really late at night. Sometimes I feel that only when everyone is asleep I can really focus on writing. Here’s what came out:

Ambergris (Official Video)

Take some ambergris

So he loves you now

Bringing back my dear, I

Breathe and hold

Remember the girl that cast a spell from yesterday’s story? Well, to put the song’s lyrics into more context she lent me an old book with many love spells. There was one particular spell aimed to bring an ex-lover back, which needed as the main ingredient the use of the ambergris, a rare substance produced by whales.  The protagonist of the song wants indeed to attract her ex-boyfriend back to her, and to do so she’s gonna do that exact spell and use the ambergris


She did what you said


She’s suffering

Hera 1 (Official Video)

When someone practices modern witchcraft it usually decided a goddess to refer to. As said in the over mentioned old book, the attention and prayers for the rituals would be directed to Hera, the Greek Great Mother Goddess. Hera was originally worshipped as a Goddess of fertility and abundance and in this case, evoked to fix a relationship now broken.

Sit and Pray 1 (Official Video)

Sit and pray


It is now a moment of meditation for the protagonist. All the intentions and energies should be focused on the visualization of the spell and her lover coming back to her. 

Throw your vest in the well

But keep in mind the issue


Your fate is malevolent

Bones and blood, he’ll miss you

Sangue (Official Video)

In the Wiccan religion, every bad action done to someone comes back to the offender 6 times worse. The protagonist knows this, but she’s willing to do everything to be reunited with her lover again, and sometimes these love spells may ask for something more than just herbal ingredients…

Recita Parole (Official Video)


(It’s witch hour)

Between witch hour and the dawn

Breathe and hold

Over the hills now let him go


The witching hour, believed to be between midnight and 3 am, is the time when the protagonist is meant to do the ritual bring all the ingredients and say the specific words reported in the old book.


Do what she says


In other realms

Hera 2 (Official video)

She invokes again the Greek Goddess, hoping that her prayer will be accepted. She has done everything in her power to carry out the spell, even more than she would have expected.

Sit and Pray 2 (Official Video)


Sit and pray


It’s the end of the ritual, and time again to meditate and regain all the energies that were concentrated on the spell. It is a magical moment where the protagonist is now change and life with a different perspective.


Tomorrow I’m going to share with you a secret video about the ritual done during the shooting which was not included in the final version…