To properly introduce you to the song, we need to do a step back and look into what inspired it in the first place. The stories I’m going to tell you, have been told to me by two girlfriends on mine. What happened to them deeply influenced their life.

Fuoco all foto

One of these two friends revealed to me that she decided to go to a Shaman after a sudden and hard breakup with his boyfriend at the time. She couldn’t get through it, the pain was unbearable. Her boss suggested that she should visit this Shaman, which predicted different facts of his future life that then have become true. So she decided to do a full Shamanic ritual with him. During this ceremonial, the Shaman starting revealing events about her past that only she knew. In the end, he also predicted her future and what would be happening based on the choice she will make. Unfortunately, I cannot reveal publicly everything that happened during the ritual, I’ll live this to your imagination. 

The second story is about a girlfriend who was in love with a classmate when she was a teenager. She decided to do a Wiccan spell to make him fall in love with her. However, this spell was done to him without his consent. The spell apparently worked, but based on the Wiccan philosophy everything you do to others (including every kind of manipulations), will come back to you 6 times worse. After this quick love, her life was surrounded by tragic love stories, including the last one where her boyfriend tried to beat her to blood.

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Faccia e spezie

Inspired by these true stories, the song talks about a girl who really misses her boyfriend after they broke up. She’s not able to get through this alone, so she decides to do a spell to make him come back. The magical spell requires the use of a rare object called Ambergris. But she is willing to do anything, even trying a risky spell in order to bring her lover back. 


That’s not over yet, of course. This is just the beginning, there’s so much more to unveil and to dive into. Be ready and I’ll see you tomorrow.